Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb

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Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb


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Fleas and ticks can cause incredible discomfort and even transfer diseases to your beloved pets.


Parasite problems can be costly to treat, so prevention is key. Regular combing and ridding of fleas and flea eggs is necessary to ensure your cat or dog does not become a host for such a pesky bug. Our electronically-charged comb is an essential to have on hand for deep grooming and top health of your pet.




What’s the deal with fleas?

When they bite, fleas can cause flea allergy dermatitis, a reaction that causes itching in your pet. Ever wonder why people worry when they see a house pet scratching themselves non-stop? That’s why.

And while there are plenty of anti-flea medications out there on the market, it’s always a good idea to have a non-chemical solution on hand to double up on your pet’s safety.





Our super-smooth flea comb kills fleas with a gentle electric charge (not felt by your pet) and gathers flea eggs as you comb, trapping all the pesks onto the brush comb itself. You’ll be able to visually see the fleas and eggs and discard them on the spot with the press of a button.

This must-have grooming tool is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages with ALL coat lengths.





Flea Killer releases a slight electric charge as your brush the comb through your pet’s fur to detect and kill flea effectively


Powered By:  2 x AA batteries (not included)

Color: White


1 x Flea-Eliminating Comb

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26*17.5*5 cm


Battery Powered

Feature 1

Electric Terminator Brush

Feature 2

Kill Lice Cleaner

Feature 3

Pet Fleas Comb

Reviews (35)

35 reviews for Electric Flea-Eliminating Comb

  1. B****t

    I read the reviews, and I was worried. But I figured I’d give it a try since my animals had it a flea problem. It said that the animals were afraid of the sound that it made, and some people even said that their animals were shocked by the comb.

    When it arrived, which I have to say was early, open box, and put in batteries. The sound that this thing makes is barely a peep. My animals came to investigate. Although it is a shock of static electricity if you put your finger on it, I can’t see that it would shock anyone including your animals with that small of a charge, if you’re careful.

    Now from my thing. My dog adores it. If he sees me open the drawer, he comes over, sits down, and begs to be brushed now. Mind you, this was a dog who hated being brushed. He’s a four-year-old Australian Shepherd mini and he gets mats in his fur. Thanks to this comb, no more mats, no more flea problem, and my dog loves being combed.

    I have cats who have flea allergies, and have lost part of their fur. I have combed what is left of their fur with this comb. I have stimulated the thin fur, using the same comb.
    The cats love it! The only thing that I do in order to keep them from getting static shock, I turn the comb off so they can scrub their face on it, and put their scent on it. Every one of them is now a flea free, their fur is regrowing, and they are so happy now!

    When this one quits, I will definitely buy another one! It is the best purchase I have made this year!

  2. N***k

    The zapper is the best product I’ve ever bought to help control fleas on my cats!

    I used to flea comb my cats then dip the comb in rubbing alcohol – which did not kill the fleas right away, and sometimes the flea would escape the comb before I could dip it. Then there was the hassel of rinsing the comb and drying it before combing the cat again. I have 3 cats, they really don’t enjoy the process to begin with let alone waiting in between combs while I would dunk, rinse, and dry the comb each time. I have totally streamlined this process now with the addition of a bowl of hot water and a shot of Dawn dish washing liquid.

    If you did not know – Dawn kills the fleas instantly. When I use the Zapper – the comb stops humming indicating it has caught a flea or fleas in its teeth while the flea is “stunned” I use the supplied brush to brush them into the solution of water and Dawn – once the flea is removed from the teeth the Zapper hums back to life and I start combing again. Much faster and way more efficient. The picture I downloaded is the proof (the little black specs are the dead fleas) 3 cats combed in about 30 minutes.

  3. J***n

    So I used it on my dogs.

    1. Mr. Pickles is a chihuahua terrier. Flea allergies – Yes. Nice thick brindle coat. While combing him I can hear the zaps as it catches the fleas. Mr. Pickles loves being scratched and combed hard and loves the zaps. 👍👍👍

    2. Gherkin is a weenie Chihuahua. Flea allergies – No and thank God! He’s tan with a perfect coat and the fleas love him. While using the comb on Gherkin it was just like the advertisement. These suckers were being zapped like crazy, but Gherkin had to be restrained because he didn’t like the feeling of the zapping. That’s okay because for him to like the comb would have been a bonus, but I’m still using it on him. 👎👎👍

    So there you have it. Make sure your dog likes to be scratched or brushed hard and it might make a difference if they don’t have enough fur to absorb the zapping.

  4. L***s

    I absolutely LOVE this and wanted to give it a 5-star rating; however, continue reading to find out why I gave it only 3 stars.

    Again, I absolutely LOVE this flea comb, and my dog and 1 cat love it as well. (My other cat, NOPE.) It is SO easy to use, and it is SO satisfying when it stops making the noise and you see a flea in the comb!!

    Now for what I absolutely HATE about this. The battery release button is where you grip, where your small finger goes. SO MANY TIMES, I have changed grip to change direction of combing, and I accidentally press that button, and the batteries go shooting out! This is SO frustrating when trying to comb my cat that does not like the comb. Everytime it happens, I have to replace the batteries and then try to find my cat, who runs and hides.

    Had I realized that, I would have tried to find a zapper comb that was made different. Putting the battery release button where the grip is was completely asinine!

    Had the battery release been different, I would have rated this comb 5 stars.

  5. H***f

    My kitty has kidney challenges and my Vet told me I could not use any oral medications to kill fleas. For the past month I have been combing my fur-baby 2-3 x a day to remove and then manually kill fleas. I saw the infomercial for the electric comb and thought how perfect! I ordered, paid for and received the comb timely. It was easy to load the batteries and turn on. But my cat is scared of it, so it would be better for a dog, I guess.

  6. P***v

    Every year in southern Louisiana the fleas hatch and bug our “fur noodles”. This comb pulls out fleas big and small. We comb our 3 ferrets daily in concert with monthly doses of Revolution, flea spray in all of the hiding spots, and frequent vacuuming of those spots (and the ferrets!). I’m happy to report that flea infestations are under control.

    This comb is an excellent test for fleas. The electrode tips are insulated (try it – run the comb over your arm hair or scalp).

    The comb stuns the fleas not kill them so it’s necessary when catching fleas to keep a small bowl of warm soapy water nearby. Use the provided brush to sweep the fleas off into the water.

    Just use the provided brush to remove the fleas and your fingers to gently remove pet hair. Eyeball the comb’s teeth to insure nothing is left between them.

    Clean frequently – if you catch a big flea sweep it into the bowl of warm soapy water before continuing. Avoid build-ups and you’ll have a fully functional flea comb!!!

  7. N***e

    Got this to try on my three cats. See it it works well enough that I could give up the chemical flea applications which they hate

  8. O***e

    The comb works very well! The fleas are either stunned or killed when they touch the comb. Either way, they are incapacitated so that you can brush them off into soapy water. The comb does have one very annoying flaw. The battery compartment release button is right on the handle where your fingers grip the comb and the slightest pressure releases the cover and the batteries are ejected. I was able to fix this problem by filing the eject button down flush with the housing. This didn’t cause any problems with the operation of the comb or with ejecting the battery cover, but now it takes a deliberate action to eject the cover.

  9. U***e

    This thing works like a dream. JACK the dog and SHADOW the cat love this thing and cuddle together while I comb them.

    PLEASE follow the instructions!!!! You need to hold it at a 90 degree angle so you don’t shock your fur baby. This device has two prongs so the electric comb doesn’t come in contact with their skin.

    NOTE: To introduce this to my little Jack, I combed him gently with the device turned OFF so he could be familiar with it and comfortable so when I turned it on he wasn’t surprised or frightened. He liked it and figured out right away his fleas disappeared without anything stinky on him. Praised little Jack who is a toy Fox Terrier and kissed him which made Shadow who is a really big, black cat want some too. Use a little cunning and love and you won’t need to chase down or restrain your fur baby.
    I live in a forest at the edge of the sea so fleas here in the Pacific Northwest are ever present.
    I hope you try the flea doctor. It works.

  10. B***w

    It is a great product.

  11. H***e

    I have used this product for three days on my short haired chihuahua. To use the product, one insures the teeth are locked open, switch power on which is indicatedis by a beep every 5 seconds or so. When you zap a flea, there is a crackle and a bug in the teeth. Often the teeth sparkle and snap. I can only guess that must be for a eggs or some such. On the first two days the device beeped every five or so seconds. On this the third day it beeps every 2 seconds. No idea if that is bad or good. One thing is it really sparkles when I start combing. This device seems to work well on my chihuahua’s shout but dense coat. Not sure it would be too easy on a longer coat.

  12. C***m

    When using the comb, the beeping is off. There are clearly bugs hitting the comb or on the comb but it doesn’t beep as it is supposed to. Not a huge deal, but still worth noting. It does, however, shock the pet sometimes. It goes off if some skin gets caught on it which can give the pet a little shock. The same thing is true if it zaps a flea while it is touching the pet’s skin. It startled our little puppy and she didn’t want anything more to do with it.

  13. S***b

    Stuns more than kills.

  14. U***s

    Works great, but my dog hates for me to use it on him.

  15. I***o

    stuns or kills fleas,works great!

  16. J***d

    Cats don’t mind shrill sound. They know it’s helping them.

  17. G***c

    Very fast. Very good thank you

  18. S***n

    I bought this product for my mom’s Chinchilla Persian cat. Her cat is just loving this product. He purrs up at storm when she brings it out and starts combing him with it. If you let him my mom and her sweet furbaby can go on for hours just combing away the night. That’s how much her cat loves this product. It’s to the point he won’t move he’s very cooperative.

  19. G***y

    This kills fleas or at least stuns them so you can get them.

  20. S***n

    I love this item.

  21. F***s

    Works well and cat loves it. My Cat jumps up when he hears the sound and stands at attention to get combed.

  22. H***y

    This is quite a fine little device! It really does kill fleas – and it really is fairly quiet and the kitties actually like being combed with it – once they get used to it. (I start them off with just a regular brush and then switcheroo on them – first without the motor on and then with the motor running – and mostly they’re ok with it.)
    In fact I ordered a second one so that I wouldn’t have to run up or down the stairs to find one to use on whichever of my 13 kitties needs flea combing/zapping at the moment!
    I’m very pleased with this. Certainly most effective when used along with all the other things you can do to TRY to control fleas. It’s not easy!!… (I’m out in the country and the cats are mostly indoor/outdoor.)

  23. N***y

    Yes, it works. The result is just perfect. My pet is absolutely clean

  24. E***n

    Very pleased with the results after just 20 minutes. 🙂 I would recommend having a bowl of dawn dish soap water nearby to drop them in

  25. F***y

    My dog had a pretty severe run in with fleas this past Fall and it was a nightmare trying to catch them with a regular flea comb every night. This flea zapper was the answer for me. My dog is a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix with thick fur and the fleas were good at hiding. But with this comb, I was able to comb it over his fur and catch fleas that I didn’t even see. The comb with beep and would result in a lifeless flea stuck on the comb. It worked flawlessly for us. It was so much less stressful than catching a flea in a regular flea comb only to have it hop back off the comb. This electric comb resulted in a dead flea every time. I’m very happy I took the chance and purchased this flea zapper.

  26. D***n

    Really works on finding, detecting fleas

  27. C***d

    Totally love this product. Cats don’t seem to mind it. We have one that does, but he objects to the constant high pitched whine that the machine emits as it’s waiting to zap the fleas, not the being combed itself. Boy does it clean fleas off cats. Just have a small glass of soapy water nearby, take the flea off the comb when it’s found, drop in the water, and keep combing. In just two to three days we were almost flea free in our multi cat household. No sprays, no pills, no chemicals necessary. But you do have to scan your cats two to three times a day if possible to keep getting the fleas, and wash your bedding, and disinfect all soft surfaces because the fleas hide in all those places. But yes, this product is worth every penny.

  28. E***y

    Save money, and reduce the risk of Cancer for yourself and your pet. This is a wonderful comb. My pets don’t like the noise it makes but it does give them instant relief from any fleas that end up on them. Great value.

  29. N****t

    So easy to use and it worked great. Used it on my dogs and cats and didn’t bother any of them and killed the fleas. Just comb the fur and that’s it, so glad I got this.

  30. W***k

    This flea comb does just what the description says. It finds and zaps fleas and makes removal a snap crackly joy.

  31. B***n

    I used this after I washed and dried my dog. He really doesn’t seem to mind it, but I was able to get to the fleas that were not killed in the flea bath. I feel like it’s a great tool to add to your toolbelt of prevention for pets.

  32. A****t

    Awesome on shorter hair pets or around face. It did work on my Chow Mix dog but it was a lot more work for me too. Highly recommend. I stunned the fleas with the Zapper the flicked them off into a bowl of water/Dawn mix to close the deal. You can position the fleas a certain way on the comb and zap them to death. Just not my thing, plus it takes longer.

  33. A***n

    My cats don’t mind it at all and I can actually see the sparks from it killing the fleas! Works great for me

  34. A***l

    Love this product.

  35. S***s

    The little rubber tips prevent a close combing and doesn’t collect the fleas very well.
    It does zap em and kill em!
    When on it makes a high pitch ring and annoys the cat and my wife too? Lol.
    Go ahead and just get some revolution, it’s a great solution for your pets problem.

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